Do you even "ohm", bruh?

Do you even "ohm", bruh?

A mind that is not under control is a mind that makes mistakes—mistakes that could prevent you from winning.

Listen. We get it. There aren't enough hours in the day. Between work, kids, taking care of the house, drilling, rec play, acknowledging your spouse/friends/ is busy. 

But if we want to continue to improve our game, sometimes we have to look at what we are doing off the court, and that is where meditation comes in. Because who doesn't want to be more well rested, more focused, and less stressed? I know I do. But it requires some sacrifices to find the time. Personally, I am trying to spend less time watching Reels from people I don't know or care about, and more time doing things like meditating. I'm no saint, I still find myself mindlessly scrolling more than I'd like, but it's getting better. What could you cut down on to make time for a new, perhaps pickleball enhancing habit? 

Check out the Four Reasons Every Athlete Should Meditate, and let us know what you think. 

Here's to extra focus, patience, and joy. 


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