Well, this is awka-awkward...

Well, this is awka-awkward...

But we're nothing if not adaptable. 

So, here's the thing. We had to change our name. That's it, okay byeeeeeee.

Just kidding. About the "that's it, okay byeeeeeee" part, anyway. The name change part is totes true. Turns out, we missed an "intent to use" trademark application that was filed all the way back in 2017 (good for them for having the dang foresight, am I right?) on the name "zero zero two", and has been kept up to date annually. Although it wasn't filed for jewelry, it was filed for apparel, and so we decided to just jump ship now and start over. 

I'm not gonna lie. At first I was super duper bummed. I mean, I had spent all this time and money building out everything under the name "zero zero two". I initially felt pretty defeated. But then I put my big girl pants on. My big girl pants told me to woman the eff up and figure something else out. So I spent a few days bouncing ideas off of Aaron. He was super patient and helpful, as per usual, and after many attempts it finally hit me. "New Game". That was it. So much opportunity exists at the start of a new game (and that's usually what Aaron says on the first serve, as well). Or when you're tied up and it's a "new game" where it can go either way? Love that, too. And pickleball is a "new game" to many people. Also, pickleball is changing by the minute and becoming a "new game". Plus, the logo is super cute and less gendered, so when we possibly branch out into other categories (wink wink) it will look great there as well. 

Anyhoo, thanks for listening. Hopefully this is it as far as name changes go, lol. 

See ya on the courts,


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