Who We Are

We're a small, female owned company started by a jewelry professional who accidently developed a serious pickleball...habit. Cause like, addiction sounds so negative, am I right? Taking the experience built by spending over 12 years running a successful handmade jewelry company (Jamison Rae Jewelry), New Game Jewelry was established to give a more modern option to pickleball enthusiasts.

As a former competitive athlete, finding pickleball at the age of 40 was like rediscovering a part of myself that I had felt like I had lost. Not only is the sport insanely fun, super social, and easy to access, but I can play in tournaments? Oh hells yes. I was basically all in, like...immediately. So... we're just like you. Obsessed with a sport we love, and constantly trying to balance parenting/adulting/working/living with getting as much time on the court as our bodies can handle. 

All of our pieces are made by human hands in our Boise, Idaho studio.