Why pickleball jewelry?

We get it. It may seem like a pretty niche market, but it's a niche market that is growing like crazy. Considered one of the fastest growing sports in America, with its fastest growing demographic those being 18-54, pickleball is booming. 

With a background in jewelry I of course took a few "pickleball jewelry" Google trips, and was shocked to see that the options were incredibly limited. The game is changing, the demographic that plays the game is changing...maybe the accessories inspired by the game should change as well. 

So while you aren't going to find a ton of super literal interpretations (for the most part) of pickleball in jewelry form on our site, what you are going to find are pieces that inspire and motivate you to be a better player. A more patient player. A more powerful player. A player who wears kick ass jewelry that they can sweat in, shower in, and sleep in knowing that it will hold up and look amazing. A player who moves through life with confidence and kindness, both on and off the court. 

Let's freaking go!!!